Proptech &
startup consultant

British entrepreneur, consultant & previous founder of Howsy

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Proptech Consulting

Transform your property business or proptech startup with the insights gained from creating the UK’s leading digital property manager. From a groundbreaking idea to managing assets worth £1 billion and achieving a significant exit in 2022, I bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table.

Startup Consulting

Since stepping into the startup world in 2005, I’ve been at the forefront of launching and scaling businesses across diverse sectors. With a deep understanding of operations, growth marketing, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, strategic turnarounds, recruitment, outsourcing, and product development, I’ve been instrumental in raising millions through various funding avenues. If you’re looking to take your startup from concept to market leader, I’d love to help.

M&A advisory

My journey has been marked by strategic manoeuvres in mergers and acquisitions, leading three significant acquisitions and steering two of my ventures towards successful exits. This hands-on experience has equipped me with the expertise to advise businesses on crafting winning M&A strategies, especially from the sell-side. Whether you’re contemplating a merger, eyeing an acquisition, or preparing for an exit, I offer strategic insights to navigate these complex waters successfully.