About Calum

In 2004, at the tender age of 15, my journey as an entrepreneur began somewhat unconventionally. Armed with self-taught coding skills, I crafted a social network not as a grand business plan, but as a workaround to bypass my school’s firewall.


This was my first taste of bending rules for innovation, not just rebellion. That little project, Youmeo, unexpectedly evolved into a social media aggregator that connected over 500,000 individuals. This early success provided me with an ego boost that, in hindsight, no teenager should navigate without ample guidance. Thankfully, through sage advice from mentors, a reality check from my father, and some reflective counselling, I matured. By 21, I had traded youthful arrogance for my first suit company hoodie and a renewed commitment to entrepreneurship, now pursued with the seriousness it deserved.


In 2016 I founded Howsy, a venture that redefined my career trajectory. Howsy emerged as the UK’s largest digital property manager, boasting over 6,000 properties under management nationwide and achieving recognition as a top-10 UK letting agent. This journey was marked by significant milestones:

  • Raising millions in venture and debt financing
  • Acquiring three incumbent competitors
  • Pioneering market-leading technology
  • Expanding our team to 100 people across three offices
  • Earning accolades including Letting Agent of the Year, the Amazon Growing Business Award, and Best Online Agent

In 2022, Howsy’s success culminated in its acquisition by London’s most prominent independent operator, a testament to our team’s hard work and innovation.


In the earlier stages of my career, I co-founded Crowd Technologies, alongside launching Youmeo. This enterprise software solution carved its niche by serving some of the UK’s most forward-thinking businesses and organizations, including Cadbury, Experian, British Police Forces, the University of Greenwich, the BBC, and TeamGB.

Our product, CrowdControlHQ, became so integral to our clients’ operations that it caught the eye of BECG, leading to its acquisition.


Today, I can be found consulting an array of new and exciting businesses at every stage. I love working with founders who possess that unmistakable spark of madness mixed with genius. My passion lies in guiding startups through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, from the initial “aha” moment to scaling heights they’ve only dreamed of.

I thrive on the energy of startup culture, the dynamism of innovation, and the satisfaction that comes from seeing a team’s collective effort turn into something truly groundbreaking.

Whether it’s strategising over the next disruptive technology, navigating the complexities of funding, or crafting a culture that attracts top talent, I’m there with a mix of strategic insight and anecdotal wisdom. After all, if there’s one thing my journey has taught me, it’s that the path to success is rarely a straight lineā€”it’s an adventure.

In this next chapter, I’m not just leveraging my experiences; I’m looking to learn from the new challenges and opportunities that come with each unique venture. The goal? To empower entrepreneurs to not only build successful businesses but to enjoy the journey, embracing both its highs and lows with a resilient spirit and, whenever possible, a good time.